Lillian Allbon Animal Shelter

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Mailing Address

Lillian Allbon Animal Shelter
798 Smith Road
Upper Nappan

Nova Scotia, Canada
B4H 3Y4
(902) 661-7297

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email for all general enquiries


Shelter Board Members


  • Barb Bowes, President
  • Karen Cormier, Vice-President
  • Monique Sullivan, Treasurer
  • Sonya Siddall, Secretary

Barbara Bowes, Julien Robichaud, Megan Cormier, Sonya Siddall, Dawn MacDonald, Bonnie Graham, Karen Cormier, Robynn Hatton, Shelley Robichaud, and Monique Sullivan

Ex-officio: Wayne MacKenzie (Town of Amherst), Paul Porter (Municipality of the County of Cumberland)

Mission Statement:

Position Statements

Training Methods:

The Lillian Allbon Animal Shelter supports humane training methods for dogs as suggested by the Nova Scotia SPCA and The Canadian Veterinary Association. In respect to e-collar training and prong/pinch collars the LA Animal Shelter will not use these methods for training dogs in our care and instead follow guidelines set out by these organizations which favour positive/reward based methods and will seek out trainers who follow this philosophy.

History of the Shelter

The Lillian Allbon Animal shelter is an independent shelter, it does not have links to the SPCA. It was founded a number of years ago by a group of concerned animal lovers and has gone from taking in a few stray cats to a full fledged shelter which can house 12 dogs and 30 cats. The shelter has two employed kennel keepers to provide love and care for the animals.

Directions to the Shelter

Turn off Exit 4 off on the Trans Canada Highway 104; turn towards Springhill; go approximately 2-3 km (past the Hospital and Harrisons Building Supplies).

Smith Road is the second paved road on the right.

sign_300 There is a sign for the Sifto Salt Plant and the Animal Shelter at the end of Smith Road. The shelter is about 1 km from the corner – Civic # 798.

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How do dogs come to the Shelter?

The dogs we care for at the shelter come primarily from animal control officers of the three (3) Municipal Units of Cumberland County who pick them up as strays or from owners who surrender their dogs for various reasons. Stray dogs may be at the shelter temporarily (if they are reclaimed by the owner before the holding period has expired) or for longer periods.  After the holding period (Town of Amherst – 3 days, Municipality of Cumberland – 3 days, Town of Oxford – 2 days) dogs may be put up for adoption.

Many cats are simply deposited at shelter, but some are owner surrenders.


We try to adopt out all animals in our care. All adult animals are spayed or neutered before adoption.

Occasionally, an animal has to be euthanized but only in the case of grave injuries, or difficult or impossible to cure infections or behavioural  problems.

Some animals are adopted rapidly, others stay for longer periods of time.

On this site we have information about dogs and cats available for adoption; application forms; upcoming events; donation forms; promotion of the Shelter,volunteering; etc.

Hours Of Operation

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Email to:

Lillian Allbon Animal Shelter
798 Smith Road
Upper Nappan, Nova Scotia
B4H 3Y4

(902) 661-7297 (PAWS)

(902) 661-7297 – Fax