Lillian Allbon Animal Shelter


Adoption Procedures

Application Forms:

You can now fill out your application and submit on-line!

On-line Cat Application:

On-line Dog Application:

Paper Applications:

Cat Application pdflinksm

Dog Adoption Form pdflinksm

For Cat Adoptions email: Cat Adoption Agent 
For Dog Adoptions email: Dog Adoption Agent

Provide our agent with the following information: 

  • Your name
  • Your Email
  • Your home phone number
  • Your work phone number
  • Whether the pet that you are interested is a dog or a cat
  • The name of the pet

Please Note: All animals adopted from the LA Animal Shelter are spayed or neutered reflective of our policy.

Basic Fee Structure for Dog and Puppy Adoptions

  • Adult dogs: $300
  • Unaltered Puppies (under 1 year) $325 ($25 spay/neuter rebate)
  • Altered Puppies and Small Dogs: $350
  • Unaltered Puppies: $325 ($25 spay/neuter rebate)
  • Senior (> 7 years) or Special Needs Dogs: $200

Basic Fee Structure for Cat and Kitten Adoptions

  • Adult Cats: $145
  • Unaltered Kittens: $175 ($25 spay/neuter rebate)
  • Senior (>7 years) or Special Needs Cats: $120

In an attempt to make it easier for people who live some distance from the shelter to adopt one of our lovely animals, you may submit the pre-adoption form online.  However, no decision will be made until the animal has been selected and met by the adopter.  There will be no guarantees that a decision will have been reached, or that the animal concerned will be ready to leave the shelter by the time the adopters visit.  It will be necessary to show some form of ID and to sign a copy of the application form when you visit the shelter.