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Our new sponsorship program invites Cumberland County and beyond businesses, companies, families and individuals to share in the cost of care for a LA Animal Shelter cat or dog for the length of time they reside at the shelter.

Sponsorships, eligible for tax receipts with a minimum amount of $50.00, towards an animal of your choice will assist with the daily care of the animals including food, litter, daily lysine (to help prevent URI), along with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments, mandatory testing for cats, any necessary antibiotics, and many other vet care expenses.

Photos of the animals will be posted to the LA Animal Shelter Facebook page and to the shelter webpage with the sponsor name, information and link to website if available. We will also have sponsorship cards attached to animal’s cages or kennels.

Sponsors can visit the animal shelter directly to choose their dog or cat, ask the shelter staff to choose, or choose from pictures of adoptable animals on the webpage or Facebook page.  Complete the following form and return it to the LA Animal Shelter.

This is an exciting new endeavor for The LA Animal Shelter to help the wonderful but neglected, abandoned or injured animals to find loving compassion, excellent care and very strict screening before being re-homed. It is sincerely hoped that many will choose to champion this worthy cause and support the animals of the Lillian Allbon N0-Kill Animal Shelter by participating in this special sponsorship program.

Animal Sponsorship FormAnimal Sponsor Ship Form

Current Sponsors

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