Lillian Allbon Animal Shelter


Volunteering at the Shelter


Interested in helping the Shelter?

Drop by our shelter and fill out a volunteer release form or print a copy (see below) and fill in to bring with you to the shelter.

or Email :

The Lillian Allbon Animal Shelter is a charity run predominately by volunteers.  We have a small dedicated team, but we always need more people. Even if you can only spare a few hours, you can get involved.

  • Fundraising – We need people to organize running or helping with events, such as bake sales, yard sales, BBQ’s, Walk-a-thons, or other events of your own making.
  • Publicity – We need one or two media savy people to take charge of keeping the local media up to date with events at our shelter and to look for new ways of increasing public awareness
  • Maintenance – The shelter is constantly in need of upgrading and repairs. your involvement could be as simple as helping to paint or tidy the grounds.
  • Socializing – Why not spend some time petting our cats and dogs? Our animals always need more time and love than we can give.
  • Dog Walking – Get some exercise for yourself and give our dogs some time out of their kennels. The dogs love the chance to sniff and interact with people.